Taste the Mystery

by robin vote

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Robin Vote acoustic guitar, singing
Franny electric guitar, singing
Zach Haras electric guitars, percussion, singing
Ian Semasko bass, singing
Mark Rodgers drums, percussion, singing


released April 4, 2015

All songs written by Colin Baxter
Produced by Colin & Franny
Dave Cerminera Engineering, Recording, Mixing
Garrett Haines Mastering

recorded and mixed at Machine Age
Pittsburgh, PA



all rights reserved


robin vote Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Stroke of Genius
lately, i've been waking up to all the banging of civilization
like some worm planted eggs in my head set for maturation
like that Itsy-Bitsy spider crawled back up the drain-pipe to take a vacation
with the 72,000 hussies tickling Victor into elation

and though she loves me as i am
i see her swinging back and forth
and though she may not say a thing
sometimes we all need a little more
and when you look at me that way
my excuses dissolve one by one
and all the obstacles fall on their own

lately i've been cutting ties with all the lines of supply that brought me here
still wondering what i am doing chewing metal trying to get it in gear
butting heads with all the late and strangely dead voices ringing in my ear
trying desperately to get me to confess to something clear

and though she loves me as i am
i see her swinging back and forth
and though she may not say a thing
sometimes we all need a little more
and when you look at me that way
i see all the stars fall from the sky
and form a new constellation
in your eye
Track Name: F.B.I. Surveillance Van #9
there's this bug, just land on me, ain't like no bug i ever did see
i start to frown, i start to groan, is that a bug, or is that a drone

so there's this cloud up in the sky, not really moving, just hovering nearby
it's dark and shadowy, on its underside, but i'm not falling any cunning disguise

so i came home, late last night, and found my internet wasn't working right
so i looked up any networks that i could find, and right there on the screen it said:

they're coming to my street, they're coming to my street……
i feel spiders crawling down my spine……..

so i was gonna make a post, or write a song
about how all this surveillance is doing us wrong
when my phone chimed, i got a txt
it's kinda hard to explain what happened next
i heard this voice, inside my head, that told me to do exactly what it said
it sapped my will, it took my voice, i'm telling you buddy, i didn't even have a choice

i began to move, way more at ease, it seems i had lost all of my paranoid anxieties
i believe i felt happy, yes, happy and tall, i decided to give my mother a call
i grabbed my phone, said "siri, get mum on the line", and when my mother answered, all i heard was:
Track Name: Taste the Mystery
she said, laying down and pulling off her shirt,
'there's no way around it, this is bound to hurt'
and as she motioned for me to join her down on the hardwood floor
she told me clearly 'leave your doubts outside and hang your jacket by the door'
she said, 'you think you know why i asked you to visit me here
you know, there's more going on than just what you fear'
this concerns the whole web of life shimmering in the dark
and how precariously it is handled when you throw your mind into park


i said, there's someone back home who wouldn't like that i am here at all
a good steady love who is probably about to call
she cuts flowers and puts them all around the house
she loves me for what i am, or somewhere thereabouts

(she said)
this is difficult for me to explain
there's just no getting around the pain
when someone such as i stands before you
you get cut no matter what you do


she said "i know you don't wanna stay in this place forever
so just get down off your box and do what we've got to do together
i tried to relax and play it cool
but its so hard to be cool when you keep knocking me off my stool

meanwhile, outside, the world kept turning round
and back inside her room i was finally on the ground

Track Name: LoL
this is what happy feels like
this is the look of love
it is a gift you gave to me

and i'll never worry
that i should lose it
it's become my new identity

it started out easy
i just told the truth
my s.o. asked to be taken home

i guess it was crazy
thinking that would go smoothly
but at least you made sure i wasn't alone

you taught me how to walk
up in the moonlit sky
i showed you my secret life

you looked on in horror
saw the waterfall before us
i never meant to bring you strife

and even when it drove you
right out of your mind
you climbed inside the mystery
aiming to find
an answer to a question
someone to call your bluff
you set out and found
the look of love

but questions kept haunting
and the ghosts started talking
and you began muttering 'what have i done!'

and what else did i tell you
but to just say 'oh well' to
those things which will not be undone

but you wouldn't let go
and i wouldn't have let you
i held on to almost everything you gave

and it never ran out
not even when you walked out
not even when we became depraved

and even when i run
past the edge of town
i still feel your body
hanging 'round
and when i think in desperation
that i have had enough
you smile at me slyly
with that look of love
Track Name: Swimming Hole
waiting beneath the bough joyful and green
waiting only for you to become me
the time it is nigh and the moon is full
the sky is a shimmer and the world is a swimming hole

i can see that you're shivering, so am i
you can see right through me to the back of your eye
the time it is nigh and the moon is full
the sky is full of diamonds and the world is a swimming hole

so dive on into the night
don't be afraid to use your lips
erase the space between us
and harvest the energy betwixt

i spent all of the morning, dreaming of you
i lost the second half of the day, just wondering what to do
in the third half, the night, i figured i'd finally made up my mind to
cut all ties, and set out to find you

but the wall is high and the mote is full
of crocodiles and hippos dipping
in the swimming hole

so dive on into the night
don't be afraid to move your hips
erase the space between us
and harvest the energy betwixt
Track Name: Young Heart Laughing in the Tall Grass of Spring
oh what joy your young heart brings
laughing in the tall grass of spring
as you pass beneath the trees, blossoms fly
pink and white, petals fill the sky

you're all pink and white petals, hair dark like night
long dark hair, sprinkled with light
mystic light on animal forms
animal bodies in spring-time storms
thunder storms and lightning flash
from the first glance, waves begin to flash

chase away the shame
and all those cages they put us in
i can barely believe the feeling you've got me feeling
show me a picture of the world that we've been dreaming
with an eye that can see itself

crashing, glancing, we dent the night
avalanche of the senses and fugitive flight
fugitive flight in a gardens dream
flying, flying, the air does teem

the hungry night threatens to overwhelm
animal bodies hold fast the helm
bodies, bodies, turn to light
release the helm and fill the night

chase away the shame
and all those cages they put us in
i can barely believe the feeling you've got me feeling, right now
show me a picture of the world that we've been dreaming
with an eye that can see itself
Track Name: Flicker
swallow the pearl buddy, it doesn't belong to you
beauty keeps on moving and you are just its passage through
don't float in a cloud of rapture, not while time is marching on
lose the mirror, get the picture
do not try, you will only get it wrong

you feel the room, feel the rope you hold in your hand
you feel me? come up beside you
now we're tied to each other with rubber-band
and this is life, and you were born to lead
so you stick your hand into your pocket
and with electricity your eyeballs bleed

and your joy, it just keeps shining through
it doesn't matter if they stare at you
you tell them the church bells, you tell them the wind chimes
told you that now is the time

love is the space in the hourglass, don't start counting grains of sand
this moment will last forever, but you cannot hold it in your hand
and it takes so long to get here, and always goes by so fast
you just keep whispering in my ear,
and i am sure that this moment will last

don't just sit there thinking,
you'll be thinking til your brain falls off the fence
maybe you're waiting for the nighttime or the right time,
but buddy it doesn't make sense
you say you're in it for love, what does love mean to you
because everytime love rushes through that door,
you rush off to somewhere new

and your joy, it seems so hard to find
i've been running round in circles, down this street of mine
i'm looking for a clue, i'm watching for a sign
to tell me that now is the time

i hear the struggle in my brain, i feel my body fall
i look over my shoulder in vain, on every side a wall
while life runs on free, amok, catastrophe beckons and moans
the ephemeral suggestion flickers and moves, there is no time to lose choose;
flicker and move
Track Name: The Snowman Melting
we are flying so high
suddenly i cannot feel your hand
(i feel) i begin to fall
down towards the land

i am falling very fast
my body is paralyzed with fear
i'm beginning to lose consciousness
heart beating in my ear

the days we spent together
spin around me like the world
the wind is rushing past
into memory i am curled

frightened and alone, taken by surprise
i don't know who i am or what i was
the moon is drowning in my eyes

i was holding on so tight
the world was a living dream
our smiles were full of light
or is that just the way it seems

once again, i realize, that was a long time ago
when we were young; foolish, but wise
happy with what we did not know

you taught me how to fly
but somehow i have lost your hand
i am scared and i am trembling
tumbling towards land
Track Name: Jerk Sauce
there's people everywhere
breaking up the peace
i hear voices from the window
i can't get no relief
they're crawling down the sidewalk
scraping for a bone
rustling through the cupboards
while i'm not at home

you keep dragging on my garret cig
gotta get that buzz
acting like you're full-grown
when you barely got the fuzz
a party full of faces
and hands holding beer
i'm holding fast to the silence
slowly answering questions that i hear

i've got a basement full of snakes
and rats scratching throughout the walls
a crumbling foundation
boxes full of moldy dolls
and they're dumping shit out the window
and pissing in the yard
i like to keep down my defenses
but they want to keep me all on guard
Track Name: State of Grace
i've lived alone for far too long
it didn't take much to find out what was wrong
you bring to me such sweet relief
that i don't even recognize the state of grief

and you've got me thinking…
that i've got to move…
to a
state of grace
the heart is ever-new with each passing day
you know it never leaves, though you may give it away
i fly my heart just like a kite
with its' string dangling up there in the light
and we fly pink kites, with curling ribbons,
in tight orbits, above the river of love

and we fall, into…(the river (of love)…)
a state of grace

n eye 4 n eye
n i wonder why
i never c u
b4 b cuz
i was
only looking
4 u

i draw a caricature of of myself each day
i want to make sure the kids get a chance to pray
one thing's for sure, and that's you're the one
all the best things in life are dripping right off of your tongue
you do the talking, i'll just drive
we've got 45 minutes to make it there alive
go ahead and say what you want
it doesn't matter if you boast or if you brag or if you flaunt

just as long as we move
a state of grace